Monday, August 25, 2014

Will you be at Blog Podium??

It is official, I am going to be going to Canada's one and only interactive series of workshops, that are known to be packed full of speakers that aim to inspire and equip their audience with blogging tools that will further entice their readership and expand their overall scope for reaching the masses! 

(Yes, that is a mouthful, BUT, it is because it will be a day full to the brim with legendary awesomeness!)

Grab button for BlogPodium

In other words, yep, I am going to Blog Podium, and double YEP, I have no idea what level of amazingness I am getting myself into! 

But I cant wait!

Melissa from The Sweet Escape shared her experiences at last years event, and she made it all seem pretty freaking fantastic.

Basically, I discovered that a bunch of the lovely lady bloggers that I have been following for years, are attending the event, (and my fav HGTV men Brian Baeumler and Scott McGilivray!), so months ago the idea in my mind started forming. I wanted to attend this event, and I was sure it woud be just as I imagined it would be: a big ole hug fest happening at The Fairmount in Toronto.

I mean, how could I NOT go?  

Toronto is like a skip and a jump away from where I live (or two and a half hours of bumper to bumper traffic at rush hour when the Gardner is closed. YOU know what I am talking about Torontonians!)

Well, to heck with traffic and exhaust fumes! 

On September 13th 2014 I will be showing up with my notepad and pen ready to scratch down notes like I did when I was an attentive high school student!  

Except, when I was in high school I basically skipped every class during my senior year, unless it was "Art" (that never gets old on my husband who is ironically named Art -- by the way) So, lets scratch that idea. 

Lets just pretend I will arrive at Blog Podium as if I am a new and improved attentive student, and my parents are the scholastic type, and together, we have lofty dreams of me becoming a brain surgeon or something epic like that, okay? OK.

K, so I will be there all eager and stuff, and the next question is, will YOU be there??

I hope so! Despite the fact that I am going so I will be able to learn how to make this blogging thing a million times better, I am also genuinely looking forward to meeting some of the online friends I have only known through pictures on social media.

I'm clearly super pumped.

If you are attending, you can look for me....I look like this...

Or, depending on the time of day, how long it has been since I have washed my hair, how many hours of sleep my three children allowed me to get the night before, how many hours I have worked in a week, and how much lipstick I have applied that day, I sometimes look like this...


So you know, look for me, I will look for you and we will wave at each other, meet and get to know each other better. I promise, I will try to remember to get a good nights rest, wash my locks and I will pack at least four tubes of lipstick, you know, just in case.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Canadian Blogger Home Tour 2014 {MY TURN!}


I am so excited that you are here today! 


I am feeling so blessed to be a part of the Canadian Bloggers Home Tour 2014 and to be sharing our home with you today.

Also, please remember to check out my fellow Canadian Blogger, Becky Peckham who is sharing her home today on   The Uncommon Law.

BUT for nowwwwww, for those of you who are visiting on the tour, let me introduce myself! I am Bethany and I am a "creative type" and a "dreamer", thankfully I married a "handy type" and a "do-gooder"; together with our three kids, we like to re-do, recycle and repurpose you will learn very quickly that we have a definite love for power tools, eachother and adventure of all types.

I'm the one with the hair. ;) 

The guy beside me puts up with my constant creativity and our three helper-tornado-children love to be involved ever step of the way.

We moved into our home in April 2011 and since then, our house has been lovingly referred to as "the money pit". Over the last three and a half years we have been slowly breaking down walls, building walls, ripping out flooring along with laying down thousands of pounds of tile. We have gutted a kitchen and gutted three bathrooms, built one from scratch and added a home business into our home. 
(A lot of which are not yet ready for their photo debut!)

We are addicted to taking on too many projects at a time and building our home all by ourselves.

So this week, I picked up around this place, hid the power tools that usually litter our house, and snapped a billion pics for you on our progress so far!! 

I hid some of our tools just out of the cameras lens, since we are actually knee deep in redoing our master bathroom, our boys rooms, our daughters room, and our backyard overhaul. 


Today we will share with you the rooms we have completed and I will visit again soon to tell you all the details. For now, you can just enjoy all the pretty pictures! 

(I know I am still in awe that all those sticky hand prints washed off all the windows and doors just in time for picture time!!;))

Welcome to our suburban neighbourhood! 

We live on a quiet, kid friendly street, if the sun is shining around here, and the windows are open, you can imagine your tour with the birds singing their song from the near by trails and woods, mixed with the neighborhood kids laughing and cheering each other on during a road side hockey game.


We live in Southern Ontario, Canada; one hour south-west of Toronto. Around here,where we endure winter for five months out of the year, we soak in every day of summer like it is our last. So, in our home, you will see a lot of rich watery blue tones, bright whites and colours and wood tones that soothe a cold soul and evoke happy thoughts of long beach days and coveted lake life.

Enough chit-chat lets get to all the pictures!!



When you walk in our home you come to the first level which is smaller in size and gives you options to go upstairs or downstairs. This is a hard working area of our home since our closet on this level cant handle five people and a coat obsession.

Our home is a multi level house, which means you will encounter four flights of stairs while visiting and get one killer cardio workout. 

 From our foyer, you can go directly down a flight of stairs to our lower level or you can go upstairs to our kitchen, dining room and living room. I'm going to start by showing you our lower level that we have made over into a hard working salon.


Back up the stairs you will turn right in the foyer and go up another flight of stairs. 

Here you will find our newly renovated kitchen, our dining area that is off of that, and our living room that connects to this floor as well.


You can turn into our kitchen, our dining area or our living area on this little floor due to the walls we took down and the others we built up.

Our living room is right beside our kitchen and is a great place for entertaining and for unwinding in at the end of the day.  


Right beside our living room there is an open dining area.

IF you skip up another level (which I will leave till last!) you will come to the level where our bedrooms are. 

Our master bedroom has turned into our little retreat. Maybe because it is the only place we can escape the kids, and not for long, as they usually end up climbing into our bed in the middle of the night!

We don't have a television in here or any other distractions, our room is for unwinding in and for having morning snuggle sessions -- as a whole family.


The final room I want to share with you today is our Family Room. This room is a busy one and is the one that we do life in.

I have never shown any projects from this room, because to me, this room is very lived in and loved. But you know, that is what life is all about, really living in our homes; throwing pillows on the floor, snuggling up with blankets, spilling popcorn, playing down on the floor with the kids, making crafts, doing homework, paying bills and all the fun in between.




We work on projects, and build our nest, so that moments like this can be enjoyed -- while we relax in the rooms we love. 

Home is not where everything is perfect, but it is where you can share your imperfections and still feel like the world around you is more than beautiful.

Thank you for coming along on our picture filled home tour! I look forward to writing posts on how we built our desk, refurbished a dresser into a media cabinet, how we made over sized custom bulletin boards, how we hung kitchen shelves, how we (I mean ME!!) learned to use a wet saw (for all you newbie diy-ers you are gonna love it!), how to paint a porch, what paint we used throughout our home, how to redo stair bannisters and how to do it ALL on a teeny tiny budget. 

Thank you for checking out This Little Estate, I can't wait to connect on IG or Facebook or to connect right here.

 Happy TGIF to you!

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